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Lee's Quilt Shed

"A place where people come together to create warm friendships one stitch at a time."

Pressing Tools & Starch

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Pressing Templates


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8oz Flatter Pineapple Grove


9" Seam Pressing Template for Cathedral Window


Best Press 16oz Caribbean Beach


Best Press 16oz Lavender Field


Best Press 16oz Linen Fresh


Best Press 16oz Scent Free


Best Press Refil Gallon Citrs Grov


Best Press Refil Gallon Lav Field


Best Press Refil Gallon Scent Free


Best Press Spray Starch Peaches & Cream 16oz


Flatter 8oz Celebration


Flatter 8oz Fig


Flatter 8oz Lacey


Flatter 8oz Scentless


Flatter 8oz Yuzu


Pearl's Applique and Pressing Tool


Quilt Binding Express